Spy Garbo 6x9 marketing postcard front - final iteration. Design research was based on propaganda of the 20th century from WWII and design movements of the time: Nazi propaganda, Spain's Falangism, Soviet Union socialist media, effective British campaigns combined with film noir, Dadaism, Expressionism, Bauhaus and use of letterpress and blockprinting.

Spy Garbo 6x9 marketing postcard back - final iteration

Spy Garbo Identity Logos and Imagery

Spy Garbo 5x7 postcard front- first iteration. Representative objects or totems became the basis of the initial designs while the final designs were based in topographical maps and the character's faces.

Spy Garbo 5x7 postcard back- first iteration

Initial Ideas for Spy Garbo Postcards: triptych based on 3 characters in the play

Spy Garbo Front of House Poster (11x17, 24x36)

Spy Garbo Advertisement for New Yorker Magazine

Spy Garbo Advertisement for New York Times

Spy Garbo Playbill / Program

Spy Garbo Playbill / Program Pages

Website design for show info + ticketing

Outdoor marketing video projection design with live camera

Short documentary on the making of SPY GARBO. Scrub to 3:55 for the explanation of the outdoor interactive video projection design created by Projections Designer Jared Mezzocchi and myself, using live feed camera and projection mapping.

Test animation using After Effects to add motion to design collateral.