Other stuff:

See Zee

Audience engagement documentary video directed, produced, and edited by piama habibullah and Cristian Rossel for audiovisual artist Kurt Hentschläger‘s immersive stroboscopic fog environment ZEE. Featured as a promo video on the artist’s website.

After exiting ZEE with unforgettable physical and mental impressions, we decided to document other deeply affected patrons. ZEE is not reproducible in video or photo as the effects of dense fog, strobe lights, and a minimal soundscape affect the visual cortex in varying ways from hallucinatory to existential. These interviews string together the core of the experience. Spring 2010.

Broken Land: NOW

Shot and edited by piama habibullah and James Charles Daher, exploring the 65-mile perimeter of Brooklyn for a custom 9-channel video installation. Screened at vBrooklyn Festival and Bushwick Film Festival, 2010. The video below is a composite of 7 of the screens.

Brooklyn is a morphing container of beauty, culture, potential, neglect, and rich sociological history. We create a story inspired by our 65-mile physical journey. This map, transformed into an immersive non-linear video installation, becomes a visceral experience of the borough’s perimeter bringing the viewer through transitions of color and light. Fall / Winter 2008-09.